DokuWiki Garland Theme Colorizer

Here you can get the Drupal Garland theme for DokuWiki with customized color set.

  • :!: This is still work in progress.
  • CSS color adaption not yet completed.
  • You can use this version of the theme and upgrade later.

Choose colors


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Generate & Download

Installation & Update

cd /var/www/dokuwiki/lib/tpl
wget -O- $link | tar -xzvf -

To do

  • Improve color adaption in the style.ini file (background, …).
  • Use scheme names in filename, if a scheme is used.
  • Improve gradients in the sidebars (make them longer).
  • Adapt highlight color in menu.
  • Put current configuration to anchor, to support bookmarking a configuration.
  • Add a theme-configuration-field for a color scheme and generate the theme locally in the dokuwiki.
    • Something like “colorscheme” = “string” : ”#0072b9,#027ac6,#2385c2,#5ab5ee,#494949”
  • Configurable base font string
  • Configurable section indenting
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