How to ease searching using shortcuts in Firefox

If you add a bookmark in Firefox with the URLs and shortcuts listed below, searching becomes easier to you. Afterwards searching wikipedia would be just “w test”. In combination with Xmarks you can use your search shortcuts even at several PCs.

Shortcut Description Example URL
g Google g test
gm Google Maps gm Tübingen
w Wikipedia w Tübingen
w English Wikipedia w en:Tübingen
e ebay e siemens c 55
code Google Code Search code function lang:javascript
cpp cpp map
php php functions php preg_replace
wu Wiki wu apt-get
tg Translit Google tg skachat' [mp3] bezplatno
tw Translit Wikipedia tw Tjubingen
en Leo Wörterbuch Englisch Deutsch en Hallo
en2 Englisch Deutsch en2 hello
es Leo Spanisch Deutsch es Hallo
fr Leo Französisch Deutsch fr Hallo
it Leo Italienisch Deutsch it Hallo
er English-Russian Multitran er Hello
tm Translit-Multitran tm Privet
ert English to Russian Text ert This is an English phrase.
ret Russian to English Text ret
td Translit to Russian and Display td Privet
ws Wortschatz Deutsch ws *ingen
sf Spring Files sf delta


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