How to install ReMesh on Ubuntu (using wine)

# install wine
sudo apt-get install wine
# go to the home directory (you can install it also in /usr/local/, then don't forget to prepend some sudo)
cd ~
# download and extract ReMesh
mv ReMESH-2.0_win32 remesh
cd remesh
# add it to the path
echo '#!/bin/bash' >> remesh
echo "/usr/bin/wine $remesh_path/remesh_2.0.exe \"\$@\"" >> remesh
cd /usr/local/bin
sudo ln -s $remesh_path/remesh .

Download and install MSVC redistributable (by opening the .exe with wine).

Now you can open .stl mesh files using remesh filename.stl or using right click ⇒ “Open with other application …” ⇒ “Userdefined application” and type /usr/local/bin/remesh

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